POND'S Journey

More than 160 years ago in a little lab in New York, Theron T. Pond unveiled the first ever POND'S skin cream – which would later become one of the world's first skincare products! Since then, we’ve grown from one jar to hundreds, and expanded into several countries worldwide. Go back in time, and experience 160 years of great stories, defining moments in skincare, and breakthroughs that have changed beauty as we know it today!


Beauty, discovered

1846 - 1916

It’s true, how everything big starts small. From Theron T. Pond’s homemade lab, to the birth of our classic skin creams – see how we’ve grown into one of the most loved and trusted skincare brands in the world!

The Man Who Invented Skincare

We’re lucky we have great skincare products to love and rely on today – but did you know that it was a scientist who first made this possible? In 1846, Theron T. Pond created the first ever skin cream in a tiny lab in New York - and founded the global brand we all know and love today!

American Born. Globally Bred.

Wait! POND'S was born in the West? Contrary to popular belief, yes - we're actually American! After making our name in the US, we quickly expanded into major European cities, starting with London in 1878.

Secret to the Stars!

The must-have beauty products of the 1900s? You guessed it – POND'S Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream. Launched in 1905, you’ll find this beauty secret on your grandma’s dresser, as you will in Kylie Minogue’s skincare cabinet!

Beauty secret, revealed! Pop princess Kylie Minogue once said of POND'S Cold Cream, "It's all I really use to look after my skin."
A Promise, Kept!

First date, first kiss, first heartbreak – firsts are always special. In 1905, we released our first ever cleanser, POND'S Extract Soap. And with it, our first ever beauty promise to you! Our ad for POND'S Extract Soap offered "not the beauty of cleanliness alone but a physical influence that anyone may feel and see.”

Two Steps to Beautiful

Today, having a skin routine is second nature. But did you know that until 1916, skin regimes were virtually unheard of? With ‘Every Normal Skin Needs 2 Creams’, we were the first brand to show women a simple 2-step approach to skincare!

How many skin creams do you have in your routine? We started out with just two - POND'S Cold and Vanishing Cream!

Age of Royal Approval

1920s - 1940s

In between showers of celebrity love and getting our royal stamp of approval, we found time to make more breakthroughs, world-firsts and even take part in the war (gasp!). Rise with us, to the giddying heights of our most opulent age.

A Royal Favorite!

European princesses loved POND'S too? How great is that! In the 1920s, royal beauties like Lady Georgina Curzon, Princess Elizabeth of Greece, and Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain starred in ads for POND'S Cold Cream, calling us "the Choice for women of high position!"

Comtesse de la Falaisse

According to Vogue magazine, she was a prompting spirit in Paris couture. She photographed for Christian Dior, Chanel, Cartier and was a muse for Yves Saint Laurent. Cecil Beaton said of her, “Her limbs are so exaggeratedly elongated, her nose so small, her eyes so enormous, that she looks like a fashion drawing come to life.”

Countess of Darnley

Did you know that the Countess of Darnley used to sing swing at the Coq Rouge night-club in New York? She once said, "Every night I cleanse my face with POND'S. It protects my complexion from the dust and weather."

The Duchess of Rutland was an ardent fan of POND'S tissues. They were the "loveliest facial tissues" she had ever used!
More for the Queen!

Did you know that Queen Marie of Romania loved POND'S' two creams so much that she wrote to us and requested for more samples? Her dressing table was even photographed with a pair of elegant silver jars engraved with her personal crest and filled with POND'S Cold and Vanishing Creams!

Romaine Dahlgren Pierce

Born in Biltmore, Romaine was the great-granddaughter of Admiral John A. Dahlgren, a Civil War naval hero. In the 1950s, she returned to New York and starred in a number of television commercials and print ads, including this one for POND'S Cold Cream.

Breaking Speed Limits

In the 1930s, POND'S became the fastest-selling skincare brand in the world. We were outselling our competitors 2 to 1, and had stores in an incredible 96 countries!

Mrs Reginald Vanderbilt

Born in Switzerland, Gloria Mercedes Morgan married Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt and became heir to the Vanderbilt railroad fortune!

Mrs Francis Irenee du Pont II’s family ran E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, one of the most successful corporations at that time.
Gloria the Glamorous

Did you know that Gloria Vanderbilt was the epitomy of Hollywood glamour before World War II? She's also left a huge legacy in fashion - over 10 million pairs of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were sold in the 1970s!

Princess Marie de Bourbon of Spain was an aristocrat by birth and cousin to the King of Spain.
The Cameras Love Lady Diana Manners!

Meet Lady Diana Manners, the youngest daughter of the 8th Duke of Rutland. In her prime, she was widely considered as 'The Most Beautiful Young Woman in England', and appeared in countless profiles, photographs and articles in newspapers and magazines.

Enter Vitamins. Exit Blemishes!

Skin vitamins are all the rage these days, but it's really nothing new! Did you know that POND'S first launched a skin cream packed with the healing goodness of Vitamin A way back in 1937?

'Here's a bit of trivia! The unnamed 'Active Skin Vitamin' in our ads was actually Vitamin A!
War and Beauty

Think war's just about weapons and combat? Far from it! In the 1940s, POND'S began manufacturing camouflage creams and insect repellents for the US army, becoming one of the only beauty brands to take part in World War II.

Bring on the reinforcements! Soldiers unbox a fresh supply of camouflage cream.
Evelyn Byrd LaPrade for Dreamflower Face Powder

After the war, POND'S introduced Dreamflower Face Powder - a fresh, fragrant face powder endorsed by young society women like Evelyn Byrd LaPrade, a member of a prominent Virginia family.

Anne Morgan - Championing Beauty!

Anne Morgan was the youngest daughter of steel magnate and financier John Pierpont Morgan. She was the president of the American Women’s Association and was also known for philanthropic activities and support for women’s rights.

Lady Iris Mountbatten

In her youth, Lady Iris Mountbatten attended royal and aristocratic events, becoming a well-known and much photographed débutante. During World War II she worked as a nurse's aide, later moving to the United States to become an actress and model.

Lady Prudence Loudon became the chairman of the National Council, Unmarried Mother and Child (now the National Council for One-Parent Families).
She's Engaged!

Marriage vs. Indulgence – which was it that women wanted more in the 1940s? Launched in the 1944, the campaign 'She’s engaged. She’s lovely. She uses POND'S.' targeted women who wanted to find a man and start a home.

Another POND'S Bride to be! Newly engaged women shared their love stories and showed off their rings in this series of ads.
Mad about POND'S!

Did you know that POND'S Cold Cream had a bit part in the emmy-winning TV series, Mad Men? Find out which side - marriage or indulgence Don Draper and co. took in this mid-century debate, here!

Busy or beautiful? You don't have to choose!
She's Busy, yet Beautiful!

Later on, as women grew to have working aspirations and dreams beyond domestic life, advertising also moved to reflect the changing times. A new campaign released in the fifties – 'She's busy, yet beautiful!' – demonstrated the ethos of a new era!

Re-imagining Beauty

1950 - 1996

Never one to shy away from change, we freed ourselves from traditions that held us back, embraced science and transformed ourselves into a trusted skincare authority. This was when we pushed forth our vision of beauty, and began shaping the way women look, feel and think. Cruise through our ‘building years’ here.

The 7 Day Beauty Plan

Starting a skincare routine is easy – it’s sticking to it that’s so hard! In the 1950s, POND'S showed women how to build an easy, effective regime with the ‘Seven Day Beauty Plan’. We were the first beauty brand to promise a real transformation in just 7 days!Watch the video

Power to the Flower!

Did you know our tulip logo didn’t always look like this? Like any true beauty icon, she's constantly reinventing herself to keep up with the times! What do you think of our current tulip? Which one do you like best?

Rebel with a Cause

Want change? You'll have to break a few old rules first! Our 1980s TV commercials, "Traditions", challenged an old notion - and left 'soap' reeling in its wake.Watch the video

Thou shalt not frown! Believe it or not, POND'S began sharing aging tips with women way back in the 1980s!
Wrinkles? What Wrinkles!

We've got the secret to ageless skin - for real! In the early nineties, Pond's discovered Alpha Hydroxy Acids (or AHA) and was the first skincare brand to use it in an anti-aging cream, Pond's Age-defying Lotion.

Be clear of dirt and grime! With POND'S Antibacterial Facial wash, you can be sure to give your face the essential care it needs!
The Science of Skin

It’s not just a skin cream – it’s a team of brilliant skincare minds! Launched in 1992 as a centre for R&D, the POND'S Institute is today, home to an incredible 200 patents and 700 skin experts based in 60 countries worldwide. Watch this space for the next new skinnovation!

Lightening Strikes!

Do you use a skin-lightening cream? You may be surprised to learn that the first ever whitening range was born right here at the POND'S Institute. It featured our 1992 skin lightening breakthrough – Niacinamide!

A Cut Above The Rest

As the desire for lighter skin became a major sentiment amongst Filipinas, POND'S made sure it was at the top of the playing field! We developed safe and effective skin lightening formulations to bring out the natural Filipina beauty.

Spots Begone!

Blemishes? No way! POND'S released its White Beauty Detox Spot-Corrector Pen that's effective in erasing dark spots and blemishes. Now, stubborn dark spots can be the least of your worries!

Powder Up!

Perfect for the girl-on-the-go, POND'S released its oil and blemish control beauty color powder to keep the shine away! Available in three color variants, it keeps your face fresh and oil-free all day!

Look ma, I'm a POND'S Covergirl!
Meet the Covergirls!

Launched together with the POND'S Institute, the 'Covers' campaign gave POND'S a fresh, new look and reinforced the Institue as a source of authority! POND'S Institute started appearing in advertising from 1998 onwards.

We're 150 Years... Young!

Ladies, we're 150! That's 15 decades of revolutionary products, breakthroughs, and unforgettable beauty experiences. The best part? We've managed to keep all those visible signs of aging at bay!

The Skinnovation Years!

2006 - 2012

Is there anything more exciting than new skin discovery? Not in our books! As we entered the new millennium, our breakthrough skinnovations kept us relevant and competitive, and catered to the changing needs of women everywhere. Come, discover the future of skincare with us!

Found! The Fountain of Youth.

THIS discovery changed the face of anti-aging skincare as we knew it! In 2006, we found Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), an anti-aging active that speeds up skin regeneration and restores damaged skin cells. To this day, it remains a key ingredient in POND'S Age Miracle! Watch the video

Roll back the years with POND'S Age Miracle. See a difference in just 7 days, we promise!
Brighter Skin? Yes Please!

More breakthroughs, more discoveries, more amazing skin creams! In 2007, we had our hands on another amazing lightening break-through. VAO-B3 promised a seamless lightening treatment and a visible difference in just 7 days! Find out how POND'S Flawless White gave love "a helping hand" in our TV commercial.Watch the video

All That Glitters!

Luckily for us ladies, there’s no such thing as too much gold! Released in 2010, POND'S Gold Radiance, our glow-specialist, is formulated with 99% real gold micro-particles and some of the best anti-aging ingredients out there. Now, go get back your glow!Watch the video

It's true – we took the glow of real gold, and bottled it!
In Clay We Trust

Now, here's a natural magnet that drags dirt and oil out from deep within your skin effortlessly. Launched in 2011, each POND'S Clear Balance Cleanser is enriched with a different mineral clay.Watch the video

Wow. 200% Lighter!

Everyone loves a healthy, pinkish-white glow on a woman – it’s just so alluring! That's why with POND'S White Beauty, we went all out, and made this achievable in just 7 days. This amazing skin cream delivers a 200% lightening of your skin every time!Watch the video

Look Younger, Faster!

In 2011, POND'S Age Miracle was launched with the breakthrough Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex™. Discover more about our anti-aging secrets and look 10 years younger in just 1 week! Watch the video

Beauty is Gene Deep!

Forget cookie-cutter skin lightening creams. POND'S Flawless White with GenActiv™ adapts to your unique DNA! Launched in 2012, it's the first ever lightening cream that controls melanin production at the source. See how our leading lady found her perfect match (with the help of Flawless White) in this brand new TV commercial!Watch the video